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I get it, it feels like you're in a battle with your business.

You love the work that you do, the transformations that you help facilitate, and more than anything, you deeply love serving your clients in ways that they've never experienced before.

But you know that you need to sell your services in order to grow your business.

And if we're being honest, you don't enjoy that part.

Because until now, your experience with selling was based on old paradigm rules and strategies.

You know, the ones that tell you that in order to be successful, you should:

  • Hide your prices/program details until AFTER you speak to someone

  • Manipulate people into a sales call under the guise of a "connection" or "free strategy call", which doesn't feel good for you or the other person

  • Overcome their "objections" and feel you have to convince people to buy

  • Take their credit card right away on the phone to "close the sale"

  • See the sales call as a negotiation that you HAVE to win (or else it's a representation of your failure)

It feels like the exact OPPOSITE of who you are and why you became a coach/healer in the first place.

While Serving Your Community Feels Expansive...

...Selling Feels Restrictive & Uncomfortable

But what if I told you that there is a BETTER way...

Where Serving and Sales go hand in hand...

Where selling is an amplification of your ability to contribute at the highest level to others...

Where you get to feel embodied & empowered (not to mention, you feel ethical & in integrity) throughout the whole process...

When I first started my business, I used all the strategies other mentors taught me.

I spent endless hours following up with potential clients in their DMs, overcoming objections, and giving away free calls in the hopes that maybe they would want to work with me at the end (almost never worked).

And even the strategies that actually worked, didn't feel good.

Because either I was working wayyyyyy too hard and spending more time than I'd like to admit trying to fill my offers with clients...

Or I was signing people who weren't the right fit...and I wanted it for them more than they wanted it for themselves.

So I decided I was ready to change my relationship with sales.

I decided I was ready to find a way to speak my truth and experience deep alignment with how I run my business, who I call into my field, and how both my clients and I felt about the sales process.

And when I let go of the old codes around money, sales, & business and embraced a new way of doing things...

I broke through my income ceiling & crossed $1M in sales this year

(and quickly closing on $1M in cash collected, now, too!)

All while...

No longer doing sales calls and hardly spending time in my DM's

Attracting way more qualified leads who are READY to invest in themselves

Selling out high-end offers in less than 24-hours from just 1 social media post

Having women direct message ME asking how we can work together

This is the magic I teach in my high-level mastermind...

And it's resulted in client wins like these:

This is where sales & strategy meet abundant overflow...

Where we release the sales trauma you've taken on that was never yours to carry...

Because, Sister, you're here to focus on what you LOVE and to embody your magic while transforming lives while experiencing limitless abundance, wealth, and cash flow...

You're here to be a beacon of light while humanity goes through its dark night of the collective soul...

Are you ready to claim it?


Sales Synergy

A bootcamp-style immersive vortex using my signature Sales Synergy method that blends the energetics and the strategy of sold out offers to quantum leap you into your full potential as an embodied sales leader.

Inside, you will discover:


The energetics of empowered sales

Step into full confidence as a new earth feminine leader and release any negative past experiences and shame, so you can become a match for your soulmate clients.


aligned af offers

Align yourself with sustainable and scalable offers, including premium offers and volume-based offers, that your clients desire and are ready to invest in so you can confidently own your prices.


the journey to creating FUCK YES CLIENTS

Build and optimize your client pathways, create momentum & empowerment around launching and filling your offers, and learn how to talk about your offer without boxing yourself into a niche.



Sell in the DM's and over the phone with ease by understanding the call flow and the feminine/masculine dynamic related to sales.



Become an expert at following up without chasing people. sales post examples and strategies for filling your offers, re-signing clients, renewals, and referrals for sustainable success.

It's time to radically evolve how sales are done in the coaching/healing industry...

So that it feels empowering and expansive for everyone involved AND book out your transformative offers with more ease...

What Clients Are Saying...

Tarsh Ashwin

CEO of Ashwin Publishing and 6+ figure business alchemy mentor to female leaders. Tarsh has had 5+ successful, sold out launches during our time together (while having a baby) and continues to scale towards a 7 figure business and beyond.

Brenda Soulfire

CEO of Soulfire Spiritual Shoppe and mentor to healers, empaths and coaches through crystal and shamanic training + biz development. Brenda doubled her income and been able to fulfill one of her biggest visions - moving into her own home for her and her daughter in the rocky mountains!

In Sales Synergy, You'll Have Access To...

Lifetime Access To The Self-Study Course

You'll receive full lifetime access to the self-study course so you can dive into your transformation with sales while having the ability to come back to the knowledge you'll have gained as often as you need.

Private Community

A sacred container to connect with the other New Earth Feminine Leaders who have said yes to this program.

And the Following Swipe Files & Downloadables...

  • Powerful Sales Posts and Calls to Action
  • Prequalification Forms
  • Launch Plans
  • Exact Social Media Posts that I've used
  • Screenshots of DM Convos that resulted in sales
  • Real life personal and client case studies

Plus, receive these Bonuses:

Revenue Tracking System

Receive my full system including an EASY to use spreadsheet for tracking and planning plus a simple to follow walk through tutorial so you can be empowered with your sales and cashflow.

Launch Calendar/Planner

Access my launch kit which includes my simple to use planning tool so you know exactly what you are doing and when with your offerings in order to fill them successfully.

Embodied Business Bundle

My TOP 3 workshops from my high level mastermind to support you with marketing, lead generation and filling your offers. You will receive lifetime access!

Are you feeling a HEAVEN YES in your body to join?

Then Jump in - The time is now to transform your relationship with sales!

The Investment...


(or 2 monthly payments of $497 or 5 monthly payments of $222)

You'll Receive :

Lifetime Access to the Sales Synergy Online Course

($1997 value)

Private Community to Connect

($997 value)

Swipe Copy, Templates, and Frameworks to Support You

($997 value)

Revenue Tracking Template

($997 value)

Launch Planner + Calendar

($222 value)

Embodied Business Bundle

($555 value)

Total Value: $4768!!

This self- study course is only open for a limited time...

Join today to take advantage of all the bonuses and amazing support!

More Client Breakthroughs...

Deborah McDaniel

Business & Leadership Coach, OBM, & Managing Editor

Deborah had her first 5 figure month and sold out her new offer after successfully creating an inspired challenge in a new niche!

She is currently working as an OBM for conscious coaches, has a ghostwriting and editing agency, and is a business & leadership coach for female DFY service providers.

Shannon Van Den Berg

CEO of Kiva Publishing

Shannon opened a new wing to her business earlier this year and had a 30K+ launch in under 60 days and is now consistently creating five figure months in her business with new offerings continuing to fill up!


Frequently Asked Questions...

How do I access the program?

You'll receive a private login to the Soul Meets Strategy™ value-loaded portal, where you're able to access the entire program upon signing up.

Do you have a referral program?

Absolutely! If you have a friend you'd like to have join you in this program or maybe this program isn't for you right now but you'd love to share it with your audience you can email us at and we will send you the generous affiliate details! ;)

Does it matter what level I am in my business?

Absolutely not. This is for ALL level of entrepreneurs and leaders. If you're a beginner this is going to open you up for accelerated growth personally and professionally with a solid foundation. If you are a mid - high level entrepreneur you will find this is a specialized experience designed to elevate you in your business, leadership and scalability.

Is this only for business coaches? What if my offer doesn't have a financial ROI?

This program is a fit for ALL service based entrepreneurs (coaches/healers/brand experts/consultants/course creators ETC).

This is great for all niches including spiritual development, healing, nutrition, therapists, publishers and more.

Do you offer refunds?

Nope. Due to the nature of the program and the intellectual property and resources shared, there are no refunds. I would rather you not take the program and wait until you’re sure.

I have more questions!

We have answers ;) Send us an email at and we can answer it for you or send Jenna a DM on Instagram @soulmeetsstrategy

It's Time, Sister.

To shift from playing out cycles of survival through your business to embodying and experiencing what it's like to truly thrive.

To release the old codes of how sales and business "should" be done to full ownership of the way that feels TRUE to you and your heart.

To experience sold-out programs and offerings with fully aligned, fuck yes clients ready to transform.

To allow more ease, simplicity and pleasure into the every day parts of your business which YES include marketing and sales.

To calibrate to a new standard of wealth, cashflow and impact.

You are ready.

You're here to be the change.

You are meant to show yourself and others what is possible in this industry and how empowering the ENTIRE process from marketing to sales to the actual work with you gets to be.

See you inside. xx


Soul Meets Strategy